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Breaking the cycle of trauma symptoms

Emily*, a 15 year old Aboriginal girl, has found a safe home with her foster family. She was referred to the LINKS Trauma Healing Service due to a number of trauma symptoms: recurrent nightmares, depressed mood, anxiety and flashbacks. Emily struggled to regulate her emotions and manage her dissociations, which developed into self-harming and suicidal behaviour.

Emily’s carers, of non-Aboriginal background, also look after their two biological and one other foster child. With the help of a LINKS therapist, both carers learned about trauma and trauma symptoms and developed safety plans to be able to keep her safe. They also were referred to the Tuning into Teens ™ program run by LINKS, which improved their ability to communicate effectively with Emily based on a better understanding of her symptoms and their impact.

“When I went for a home visit, for the first time ever I was able to look at Emily in the eyes and she hugged me.” - Emily’s caseworker

The LINKS Trauma Healing Service has been set up to help vulnerable children and young people like Emily.

*Names changed to protect the privacy of individuals

Read more about Emily’s story.
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