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More consistent and positive parenting

Prior to starting FFT-CW®, Eva*, a single mother, had her two-year-old son in her care and her five-year-old daughter in the long-term care of her maternal grandmother. Eva’s daughter had very limited supervised contact, seeing each other three times per year.

With the family’s FFT-CW® therapist’s support, Eva has developed a range of relapse prevention strategies, which she uses if she is triggered. This includes going to the gym and connecting with other people in a support group. She now has a leadership role in this group which she enjoys.

As a result of this support, Eva has been granted bi-monthly unsupervised contact with her daughter. This has strengthened the siblings’ bond. Eva is very excited for every visit and grateful for her therapists support and understanding.

She has put her son into childcare two days a week, is looking for a stable job and has commenced studying a Certificate IV in Community Services. As a result of the family’s achievements, DCJ have completed a risk-reassessment and have decided to close the case with the department.

Eva feels in control of her future and has been supported to apply for restoration of her daughter.

“I don’t know what we’re doing, but every time I see you, I feel better about everything.” – Eva about her therapist

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