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Regaining inner strength

Monica*, an Aboriginal woman, took part in the FFT-CW® program because of a history of domestic violence, trauma and mental health concerns. Monica has two small children who were 15 months old and four weeks old when they entered the program. Monica also had trauma from her childhood and had been coming out of a violent relationship with the children’s father, which led to an apprehended violence order (AVO) against him.

As Monica developed trust with her FFT-CW® therapist, she gained the confidence and strength to decide that amending the AVO was not the right decision for her or her children. With the support of her therapist, Monica decided to end the long-term relationship with her ex-partner and left the town she was living in to ensure the wellbeing of her children.  Monica has now secured stable housing and has joined a mother’s group to increase her social connections.

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