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The LINKS Trauma Healing Service (LINKS) delivers trauma-focused, evidence-based support to children in out-of-home care.

The service is made up of two teams, based at Penrith and Newcastle community service centres.

The specialist teams include:

  • mental health clinicians
  • Aboriginal mental health clinician
  • occupational therapist
  • speech pathologist
  • psychiatrist
  • customer service officer

These short stories demonstrate how LINKS effectively engages with families.

Luke's story: Understanding trauma to strengthen a family bond (PDF, 344.71 KB)

Emily's story: Breaking the cycle of trauma symptoms with LINKS (PDF, 340.85 KB)

How to make a referral

To be eligible for referral, a child must be:

  • 16 and under
  • able to travel to Penrith or Newcastle for a minimum of weekly appointments

And be experiencing one of the following:

  • two or more placements in the past six months
  • an increased need for respite care over the past 12 months

The LINKS teams partner with children and families to improve their  psychological wellbeing, responses to trauma and ultimately children’s social and emotional health.

Fill out the LINKS referral form (PDF, 1977.21 KB) and send to the Central Access Unit mailbox:

You can direct your enquiries to:

More information

About LINKS (printable fact sheet)

Frequently Asked Questions