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Project update: 13 December 2019

The Futures Planning and Support project on the Mid North Coast has officially commenced. In November, the Human Services Agreement was signed with Burrun Dalai Aboriginal Corporation, based in Kempsey. Burrun Dalai as the lead agency is engaging in a partnership with Uniting to provide the service. Promotion of the project is well underway. For general inquiries about this project please phone Burrun Dalai on 02 6562 1913.

TFM wants to acknowledge all the many people who have contributed to getting this project to the start line: from the research, consultation and co-design stages – including the care leavers who provided advice, and the Nous Group consultants who worked with TFM to design and cost the service model.

Futures Planning and Support offers a tiered model of support to young people 17 – 24 years who have been in out of home care. It offers additional support, above the universal support already provided, to young people with higher, more complex needs to support them to achieve goals they have identified.

The model offers three levels of support according to needs:

  • Connections – working with OOHC and Aftercare services to link young people to universal services and entitlements like TILA and health care
  • Futures Coaching – mentoring and advocacy to help young people achieve their goals
  • Intensive case work – the highest level of support, to address complex issues like mental health and substance addiction
  • Brokerage – pooled brokerage funds are also available to help care leavers achieve their goals

For more information please contact Lyn Moran at