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Project update: 24 March 2020

The Futures Planning and Support project has commenced on the Mid North Coast. The project offers the following levels of support to young people 17 – 25 years who have been in out of home care (OOHC), according to their needs:

  • Connections – working with OOHC and Aftercare services to link young people to services like health care and entitlements
  • Futures Coaching – mentoring and advocacy to help young people achieve their goals
  • Intensive case work – to address complex issues like mental health and substance addiction
  • Brokerage – pooled brokerage funds are also available to help care leavers achieve their goals

The project will provide culturally safe services delivered by Burrun Dalai Aboriginal Corporation as the lead agency, and their partner Uniting. The Department of Communities and Justice Mid North Coast District is managing the three year project which will operate until November 2022.

It is important to note that Futures Planning and Support does not replace leaving care planning and aftercare by non-government organisations and DCJ.

We acknowledge the many people who have contributed to getting this project to the start line - including care leavers, Aboriginal community members, aftercare workers, OOHC case workers, other service providers and Nous Group consultants who worked us to design and cost the service model.

The project will be independently evaluated to find out if this service model is effective in helping care leavers have better life outcomes.

Promotion of the project is commencing shortly to let young adults know that support is available.


For general inquiries about this project: