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Their Futures Matter Conference 2019

Improving Outcomes Together

12 & 13 FEBRUARY 2019

Over 700 people from government and non-government organisations joined together to examine how we can improve life outcomes for vulnerable children and families.

Leaders from across the sector, locally, interstate, and overseas, shared their vision for a child-centred system. Breakout sessions took a deep dive into reform focus areas of child and family wellbeing and safety, data-driven investment, and strategic commissioning. On Day Two, workshop sessions concentrated on specific work which underpins the reform and helps to improve outcomes.

The conference sets up the next stage of the reform which will redesign the child safety and child wellbeing access system, deliver a human services outcomes model to guide investment, and commission strategic solutions to improve outcomes.

Conference themes

  • Investment approach – building a smarter system by prioritising resources and funding
  • Commissioning and designing service solutions to improve life outcomes
  • Access system redesign – connecting children and families with the right supports at the earliest opportunity
  • Delivering, monitoring and evaluating evidence-based programs and services
  • Aboriginal led program delivery, evaluation and monitoring
  • The voice and experience of vulnerable children, young people, and families
  • Early intervention and prevention strategies, including a focus on the first 2000 days of life

In the opening presentation, we learned about the Scottish Government’s Getting It Right For Every Child approach.

Another highlight of the conference came in the closing session of day one, as Associate Professor Elisabeth Murphy addressed the importance of public policy in the First 2000 Days of a child’s life, from conception through to school.

Updates on Their Futures Matter were also shared by Implementation Board Member Dr Nigel Lyons and Executive Director Gary Groves.

If you attended the conference, we would love to hear your feedback! You can share your thoughts and comments following these links: day one and day two attendee feedback.

audienceElizabeth MurphyPanel talk

Gary GrovesHallMichael speaking

Presentation slides from selected sessions:

"Culturally informed, Trauma Integrated Services for Aboriginal children families communities" PDF, 4623.57 KB - Judy Atkinson, We Al-li Pty Ltd

"The Aboriginal Evidence Building Partnership" PDF, 6800.74 KB - Tirkandi Inaburra & ARTD consultants

"Improving outcomes for children and young people in Scotland" PDF, 1189.51 KB - Michael Chalmers, Children and Families Directorate, Scottish Government

"Commissioning child and family centred services" PDF, 432.39 KB - Sarah Barrett-Reid, Family and Community Services

"Client centred approaches to design" PDF, 1196.46 KB - Sophia Scarpellino, Their Futures Matter

"A child's sense of well-being: developing well-being indicators from child standpoint" PDF, 400.88 KB - Tobia Fattore, Department of Sociology, Macquaire University

"Their Futures Matter investment approach - building a smarter system together" PDF, 1249.25 KB - Gary Groves and Campbell McArthur, Their Futures Matter

"Their Futures Matter - transforming life outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and families" PDF, 1658.45 KB - Dr Nigel Lyons, Their Futures Matter Implementation Board Member

"Reframing parenting - raising healthy kids and strengthening family and social life by helping parents" PDF, 19029.23 KB – Annette Michaux, Parenting Research Centre

"Promoting the health, safety, resilience and potential of children by increasing the confidence and skill of parents"   PDF, 1119.28 KB– Carol Markie-Dadds, Triple P International

"MST-CAN® – the model developer’s perspective" PDF, 1370.66 KB – Joanne Penman, MST Services

"FFT-CW® – the Model Developer’s Perspective" PDF, 2254.37 KB – Dr Michael S. Robbins, FFT LLC

"Child protection helplines - are we realising the potential?" PDF, 1085.02 KB – Prof. Leah Bromfield, Australian Centre for Child Protection &  Sue Macdonald, Department for Child Protection (SA)

"A commissioning approach to service planning for holistic care and improved outcomes" PDF, 2431.83 KB – Lynelle Hales, Sydney North Primary Health Network

Conference videos

Video recordings are now available for selected sessions from Day One.