Implementation Board & Partner Agencies

Our Implementation Board, comprising senior executives from six NSW government departments, drives reform progress and leads cross-government collaboration.

The Independent Review recognised that vulnerable children and families have complex needs that cross government agency boundaries. The key to effective outcomes is cohesive service provision managed by a central reform unit in partnership with key agencies.

Implementation Board

The Board, chaired by Michael Coutts-Trotter, Secretary, Department of Family and Community Services, is responsible for driving and delivering the reform. Its role extends beyond decision-making to ensuring that partner agency teams work collaboratively toward our shared vision.

Our Implementation Board comprises the Their Futures Matter Executive Director, as well as senior executives from the following departments:

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  • Department of Education
  • Department of Family and Community Services
  • Ministry of Health
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Treasury

The Implementation Board is responsible for reform implementation and:

  • leading cross-agency collaboration within government, non-government organisations and the Commonwealth
  • providing cross-government leadership and decision making
  • reporting to the Minister and Cabinet on progress
  • enabling the work of the Implementation Unit within their agencies
  • ensuring alignment between agencies on work impacting similar policy areas or service delivery.

Partner agencies

These departments, in partnership with the Their Futures Matter Implementation Unit, are responsible for reform activities and drive cross-government decision-making and leadership. Their specialist knowledge is critical to achieving comprehensive and integrated support for vulnerable children and families across NSW.

The reform will effect whole-of-government change and contribute to reduced service demand, greater service efficiencies and improved client outcomes across government.

The Future System – pillars of the reform

Our vision is to create a coordinated service system that delivers evidence-based, wraparound supports for children and families to transform their life outcomes.