System Transformation

The Stronger Communities Investment Unit – Their Futures Matter (SCIU-TFM) is working in partnership with other government agencies and the sector to transform the child and family system, to give children and families the support they need at the right time.

By strengthening the focus on early identification and assessment of protective factors, need and risk, families can be connected to appropriate services and supports to meet their needs before circumstances escalate to the point of crisis.

Phase one of the system transformation took place between June and December 2018 and included:

Phase two took place between January and June 2019 and included:

  • release of the public discussion paper, Moving the system from crisis to early help: connecting children, young people and families to the right support at the right time.
  • targeted engagements with more than 400 partner agencies, sector partners and the community to understand current service outcomes and models of best practice and identify opportunities for improvement or expansion;
  • multi-stakeholder workshops to test and design options;
  • detailed design with agency partners and development of options and recommendations;
  • current state analysis and demand modelling; and
  • a review and synthesis of submissions responding to the public discussion paper.

These two phases informed the vision, guiding principles and high-level system elements for the future access system.

Next Steps

In the second half of 2019, the system transformation is building upon its progress by developing options that align with other significant NSW Government reforms and initiatives.  It is also building upon and strengthening existing infrastructure, programs and service networks, as well as determining priorities for implementation.

The development of detailed options for the future system is underway, using the evidence base established in the first two phases.

(SCIU-TFM) is also developing a whole-of-government strategy and outcomes framework to guide the reforms. This strategy comprises: a multi-agency ten-year vision, supported by specific goals for the reforms. It also includes four strategic priorities:

  1. The needs of children, young people and families are at the centre of decisions.
  2. The needs of children, young people and families will be addressed earlier.
  3. Children, young people and families receive the right service at the right time.
  4. A responsive and highly skilled workforce for better outcomes.

The system transformation will produce significant benefits by delivering a system that provides timely support to prevent harm and keep families together where it is safe to do so.

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The Future System – pillars of the reform

Our vision is to create a coordinated service system that delivers evidence-based, wraparound supports for children and families to transform their life outcomes.