Needs-based support

Their Future matter needs based image Their Futures Matter is reforming the system so that children and families’ needs come first.

Our approach involves understanding and meeting the needs of individuals, including the cultural needs of Aboriginal children and families. We do this by analysing cohorts of children, young people, and families, and providing support packages designed for their needs.

We are also taking immediate steps to reduce the number of children entering out-of-home care and provide support they need to improve long-term outcomes.

Aboriginal children and families

Meeting the needs of Aboriginal children and families is particularly significant. We consider cultural needs and provide support for Aboriginal children and families to keep them safe as well as connected to their kin, culture and identity.

To provide effective, culturally appropriate services, we will partner with local leaders to co-design solutions and build evidence of programs and services that work for Aboriginal families.

Immediate actions

As we transform the system to meet individual needs, we are also taking some immediate actions. These actions support the pressing needs of children and families, and are helping to reduce the number of children in out-of-home care.

Immediate actions include:

  • Family preservation and restoration programs  – to address present risks and keep families together
  • Establishing a trauma treatment service for children in care
  • Other reforms and initiatives targeting earlier intervention and permanency.

These programs will form part of the wrap-around support packages offered to cohorts, as appropriate for their needs.

The Future System – pillars of the reform

Our vision is to create a coordinated service system that delivers evidence-based, wraparound supports for children and families to transform their life outcomes.