A smart system

Their Future matter smart system image Their Futures Matter is building the foundations for a smarter system, moving from uncoordinated, siloed Government operations to an integrated service system.

Cross-agency data sharing, funding and policy expertise allows a clearer picture of how needs can be met, drawing on a broader range of resources to benefit vulnerable children and families. We can then offer evidence-based, targeted support and determine which areas will benefit most from investment.

Evidence, monitoring and evaluation

Through the reform, we’re implementing evidence-based programs and packages of support that target the needs of vulnerable children and families.

Programs and support packages are evaluated continually, with data collection and performance monitoring systems embedded in regular service delivery. Ongoing monitoring will help us test how well the programs are performing, if the outcomes anticipated are being achieved, and whether readjustment is necessary.

Investment approach

Central to our vision is an investment approach that directs and prioritises whole-of-government funding and resources to deliver targeted solutions that achieve measurable and meaningful outcomes.

Our investment approach is the linchpin that ties together data and evidence, outcomes monitoring, and continuous improvement. It will improve long-term outcomes for vulnerable children and families by taking a whole-of-system view.

This approach ensures funding is directed to interventions that:

  • are based on evidence
  • generate the greatest social return
  • contribute to a financially sustainable system.

NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework

Human services outcomes framework image

The NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework specifies seven domains of wellbeing for the NSW population: Safety, Health, Home, Economic, Social and Community, Education and Skills, and Empowerment.

Their Futures Matter aims to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable children, young people and families across these seven categories. All Their Futures Matter outcomes are aligned with the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework.

We use the framework through all aspects of our reform approach, including:

  • analysing cohorts of vulnerable children and families to determine which outcome domains they need most support with
  • designing the support packages they need to improve their outcomes
  • monitoring and evaluating program success against these outcomes
  • prioritising investment toward the greatest needs and opportunities for improving these outcomes.

The Future System – pillars of the reform

Our vision is to create a coordinated service system that delivers evidence-based, wraparound supports for children and families to transform their life outcomes.