Implementing the reform

Their Futures Matter is a bold approach to government reform requiring deep collaboration across the sector. Implementation of the reform is driven by the Their Futures Matter Implementation Unit, a single commissioning entity acting on behalf of the NSW Government.

The Implementation Unit is overseen by the Implementation Board, a multi-agency decision-making and leadership body bringing together leaders from across government including Education, Family and Community Services, Health, Justice, Premier and Cabinet, and Treasury.

The reform starts by placing vulnerable children and families at the centre of care, while implementation entails a redesign of systems and processes to better meet their needs and improve life outcomes.

A number of initiatives are being delivered as part of the reform under the three key pillars: a smart system, one connected response and needs-based support.

The strategic pillars

A smart system: using data and evidence to align funding to wellbeing outcomes

  • Investment approach

    Central to our vision is an investment approach that will direct and prioritise whole-of-government funding to deliver targeted solutions that achieve measurable and meaningful outcomes. This approach is built on whole-of-government data, best available evidence, outcomes monitoring and continuous improvement. It will ensure that the efforts of Government are directed to areas of greatest need, with the services and resources required for the best outcomes for vulnerable people.

  • Evidence, monitoring and evaluation

    Their Futures Matter pulls together evidence from across government, the service sector, and academia, from Australia and overseas, to deliver targeted support that meets the needs of vulnerable children and families. We use the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework as a benchmark to understand and measure the success of programs and build evidence of what works.

One connected response – a single commissioning entity aligning funding and specialist cross-agency services

  • Single commissioning entity

    The reform requires a commissioning entity to take a whole-of-government view of the system, independent of direct service delivery. The Their Futures Matter Implementation Unit is working with government agencies to build a comprehensive view of all services for vulnerable children and families and gather available evidence. This will ensure that packages of support are delivered to those with the greatest need. Our focus is ensuring targeted interventions deliver the best long-term benefits and safeguard future wellbeing.
  • Access system redesign

    A whole of system redesign of the intake, assessment and referral system is underway to better align the needs of vulnerable children and families to service responses across the child protection and child wellbeing service domains. The vision is to provide an integrated response across services, with more efficient and easier to navigate pathways for system users.

Needs-based supports – wrap-around supports designed to target the needs of vulnerable children and families

  • Cohort approach

    The cohort approach involves analysing children with similar vulnerabilities, needs and experiences to identify where support is missing, or failing to meet individual needs. Evidence and data is gathered to inform the design of wrap-around support packages to deliver targeted assistance to children, young people and families identified as part of a cohort.
  • Evidence-informed targeted interventions

    Their Futures Matter supports intervention strategies which aim to keep families together and reduce the number of children from entering out-of-home care, where appropriate. We are also investing in initiatives to support the wellbeing of children in out-of-home care and leaving care.

The Future System – pillars of the reform

Our vision is to create a coordinated service system that delivers evidence-based, wraparound supports for children and families to transform their life outcomes.